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SFC Community Seed Bank
« on: May 01, 2014, 10:08 AM »
There was a meeting of a group that is interested in starting a seed saving bank in Austin.  I copy and pasted the meeting notes below.  Also, if you are interested in learning more or joining Ellen Orabone of SFC is the person coordinating them.  Her contact information is: or 512-220-1139.  She is trying to schedule another meeting for May.

Seed Bank Leadership Meeting
March 26 2014
5-6:30 pm

•   Introductions
•   Brief background and framework for the seed bank
•   Vision discussion
o   What are the goals of the seed bank?
o   Who is the intended audience?
o   Who will maintain the seed bank?
•   Outreach – Girl Scout troop
•   Next steps

•   Girl Scouts have contacted farmers in the area and have started the conversation with them about saving seed for a seed bank (Tecolote, Green Gate, TAO, HausBar, etc.). They will continue contacting farmers about this project
•   Girl Scouts will be providing some basic infrastructure to start the seed bank – fridge, glass jars, library software (still researching) – Timeline: End of April
o   They will create a flyer for educational purposes to be distributed at schools, community gardens, and SFC. Timeline: Early April, final by April 21.
o   SFC will have newsletter call-out for seeds.
o   Girl Scouts will outreach at Farmers’ Markets
•   Would like to name the project “SFC Community Seed Bank” with the tagline “Community Saving and Sharing”
o   SFC’s seed library will then be “SFC Spread the Harvest Free Seed Library”
•   Wildflower Center has a seed bank – would like to schedule a tour (SFC went!)
•   Next steps
o   Annika to create outreach flyer
o   Girl Scouts to purchase basic infrastructure
o   SFC to set up next meeting, gather materials for terms and conditions, create webpage?